Our Fourth Hot Cup of Christmas program is in the works. To the left are highlights from our second season. 

Above is the live version of the 2nd movie we made for the community in 2012 entitled:  (Our 1st movie is on the left 2nd from bottom)

"Lost in Villisca- A Reindeer Tale"

Every year the goal is to include more and more Villiscans in the production. The Reindeer Tale filmed more than 50 of our residents and enjoyed the support of nearly 20 in the background. 


Villisca is a community that does a lot of things together. What a blessing it is to make this town our home. 


The movie does not end with a spiritual emphasis in 2012. The movie appeared in the secular part of the Christmas program, while the second half of the program ended with a focus on the Christ child as the reason for the season. Enjoy!


DVD's of any videos we make are always available by contacting the church office at 712-826-4662.