The Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

For more than two decades the Advent Christian Church has provided Thanksgiving Dinner for the local community. There is no charge but donations are accepted.

The meal takes place on Thanksgiving Day starting around 11:30am and serving until everyone has finished. People come and go during this time and our last dinner provided food for more than 165.

The community building in the town square is at the center of what goes on in town and is the perfect place to serve our meal.

14 Turkeys gave their all so that we could kick-off the beginning of the Good-Will-Toward-Men time of year.

One couple I talked to have been attending this meal every year for 18 years. There are some families that drive some distance to attend. There are some that would not have this kind of meal because of finances. Others come because of the fellowship. And who wouldn't want to come so you wouldn't have to cook and clean up the house?

For me, as a pastor, it was a great time to visit with folks from the neihboring churches, and make contacts with those who were not attending anywhere.