We have a wonderul partnership with the other churches in our community. There are several major events that we worship together on: Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, to name a few. In addition Vacation Bible School is provided jointly in the summer. Each year the host church rotates between the Advent Christian, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. One church will host and the churches pitch in to make the program full and memorable. 


It's nice to see such a wonderful balance between the community enthusiasm for VBS, and the support necessary to make the program work. 

There are several charitable endeavors the Inter-Church counsel support. But one of the most important is the local Food Bank and Community Assistance Program. 


Our food bank serves the needs of all our churches in town, as well as the small communities outside of town like Nodaway. It is housed in the basement of the Methodist church. If food is needed a call is simply made to the secretary's office of the Methodist church. Each month one of the supporting churches will answer the call by making bags of food ready for pickup. It is highly organized and food and supplies from the various categories are provided according to the number of children ect. 


For emergency help for stranded motorists, gas, rent, lights, we provide relief in that area as well. A call  made to any of the three pastors of those churches mentioned above will start the ball rolling.