We meet the 2nd Tueday of the Month at 7:00 PM

​Goals for Our Local Woman's Ministry

To encourage the women in our church in their desire to deepen their spiritual walk with
Christ and their endeavor to proclaim the message of the kingdom across the street
as well as across the world. Our prayer is that God's perfect plan will be accomplished

through Advent Christian women as they approach his throne with confidence.
To equip the women with ministry resources to use in their church and community.

The annual programs, written by Advent Christian women, are appropriate for all types of
women's groups. A Prayer and Praise brochure is published for the purpose of linking

all AC Churches with up-to-date denominational prayer needs, both at home and abroad.
Women seek to identify and advertise new materials, books of interest and ideas
available to use with groups of all ages. Also provided is current information concerning
our mission work and inventive ways to motivate the mission-mindedness of children,
youth, and the church in general.
To empower and enable Advent Christian women as they follow Gods divine leading

in continuing to share the good news of Jesus Christ faithfully, urgently, sacrificially,
and enthusiastically until he comes . . .